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Awesome experience for a SAO fan, the game feel is real ! Full version needed !


is the best sao game that i never played, but is too short

Thank you so much! Yeah it was more a proof of concept to learn some programming stuff - one day I might do a sequel that's a bit longer! :D
If I do, I'll be sure to post updates on my page here!


thanks a lot!!!


is awesome!!! you should make the full version

Fan-made gameplay video! Check it out! <3


Well done, appreciate your effort in making this game. The pixel art is very high quality. ***It would be better if i can kill the Fairy King on my own. :)

Thank you so much! Yeah it would've been pretty cool to have a little fight sequence - I just was procrastinating so much I was like I JUST NEED TO FINISH THIS haha :)